AND WE’RE DOING IT–this little personal venture of ours.

During this past year, we navigated being engaged and planning a wedding and working full-time together, and it was…busy. Very very busy. There were times I wanted to share our process or just geek out over the fact that we were sooo excited to be heading down this road together, but we didn’t really have an outlet for it. I had so many people ask me about wedding planning or what our life was going to look like after. Plus, we get asked pretttyyyyy frequently for advice about how to travel for cheap & how to book travel photo work & tips for going to our favorite places & on and on, etc. etc. When we were on our honeymoon and driving around those windy roads on the Hana Highway, we started dreaming–what if we launch a personal blog? Somewhere we can muse about our lives and write about our travels and document this little life our ours? We made a list of topics and dreamed and schemed, and here we are. We turned our lil wedding website into THIS! It’s a little bare bones, and we’ll have more and more content as time goes on. But I just really, really like it.

Today I’ve been thinking, what even is this? What are our hopes + dreams?? And the truth is, I’m not sure. I do know that this isn’t a place for posts like 10-reasons-I-hate-flying-in-the-middle-seat. But it is for dreaming and writing and musing. We wanna document our life–the good, the fun, the mundane, all of it. We want to dream out loud and reflect on the things we’ve done that we’d love to do a million times again.

So, take it for what it’s worth. Join us on our journey. Take what ya like and toss what ya don’t. We’re just real glad you’re here.
xo, allison

ps–this week, get ready for #allisonxjohnny, wedding edition. eeeeek! and bonus points if you let us know some topics or questions you’re dyin’ for.

photo by Jillian Zamora


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