OUR WEDDING DAY | part two

allison: We left off of PART ONE as official newlyweds. That feeling was absolute elation–I didn’t even know I could feel that full. Right after the ceremony we hugged our families as everyone headed off to our reception, and we got to soak in the most gorgeous, golden light with our favey photographer, Jillian.

johnny: It was so nice after the ceremony to just have a moment with Allison and let it all sink in. 

johnny: I just wanna pause here to thank the local mosquito population for holding off feasting on our guests, but it would’ve been nice if you ignored us too.

allison: ALSO–let’s talk about how INCREDIBLE it looks with all the dust kicked up by our guests driving away. Swoon swoon swoon.

allison: We loaded up in my trusty little scion (aka, the brave lil toaster) and headed to our reception. When we got there, we both just GEEKED OUT. It was soo beautiful. We’d decided to host our reception in this little motorcycle shop turned cafe / pub / food truck park, and I was honestly not entirely sure how it’d turn out. We put all our trust in our good friend Madison to do her floral wonders, and it seriously looked MAGICAL.

allison: We had our moms (and trusty friend Jazmin) make their specialty bundt cakes, and my friend Danielle screen printed a tapestry for us and it’s now hanging above our bed! HART Floral jazzed up the table and brought it all together.

johnny: Since our guest list was so manageable, we wrote a little personal anecdote for each of our guests’ name cards. As we worked on them in the weeks and months leading up to our wedding, we were able to think about each guest that was coming and what they meant to us. And it was such a fun conversation starter for everyone.

allison: I actually woke up in the middle of the night the night after the wedding thinking through everyone’s little punchlines. It was soo much fun!

johnny: I couldn’t believe how pretty SpokenMoto looked that night. Even my dad, who was very skeptical of what a motorcycle shop reception would look like, came up to us all giddy saying he felt like King Louie.

allison: And if you’ve thought about how cohesive everyone looked, it’s because we actually included a little color code in the invitation for everyone to follow. At first I thought we might seem like major divas, but all of our photos look soooo lovely and cohesive and I’m so glad we did it.

johnny: Allison’s dad, Richie, welcomed everyone, and all our guests loved his endearing Texas twang.

allison: One of our favorite local restaurants, Mothers, catered for us–and it was soooo good. We’d eaten burgers at Deschutes Brewery the night before, so it was so nice to have such fresh, beautiful food for our wedding feast.

johnny: We each picked two of our best friends to give a little toast at the reception. Words have always meant so much to me and our friends showered us with the kind of affirmation that comes from a lifetime of friendship.

allison: Our guests were laughing hysterically and crying and cheers-ing, and my face actually hurt from feeling so much emotion all at once.

allison: I was nervous about having a first dance with my dad because we are not dancers or mushy or anything like that–but it’s one of my favorite memories of the day. We were laughing so hard because we randomly talked about how we always lie about how tall we are. We danced to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys, which was one of his favorite bands all my life.

johnny: My mom and I danced to the song, “Sherry” by Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. I remember her playing that song when I was just a little kid, and it felt right to let that be our send off. And then she insisted on dipping me.

allison: One of our non-negotiables was having Addy Macs ice cream truck–they have this dairy-free coconut ice cream that is sooooo gooooooooooood. And it was a very huge hit with my nieces and nephew, who didn’t enjoy our healthy food options as much as we did. ha!

johnny: My only regret from our entire wedding was not having a second scoop.

allison: AND THEN WE DANCED!! We decided to just curate a playlist of all our favorite music on spotify instead of having a dj or band and I’m sooo glad we did. Our crowd was gonna dance no matter what, so it made us guarantee alllllll songs we love.

johnny: Spoiler alert, I am not a skilled or particularly coordinated dancer, but I have so much fun dancing with the right crowd, and the present company was as good as it gets. There’s a certain unrivaled camaraderie between my closest friends when the song “Africa” is played.

allison: A few weeks before the wedding Johnny decided to buy this lil motorcycle, and it’s soooo cuteeeeee we had to use it for our send off–much to Johnny’s dad’s shame. (ie: his face in the last photo–haha)

johnny: Our reception was four of the most fun hours of my life. All the stress of hosting our friends and families had passed, we were officially married, and got to top it off with a nice dinner and raging dance party with our closest people. It was the cap of the best day of my life.

allison: It was soo fun to feel like we weren’t ready for the day to be over, but also that we felt so FULL and tired and grateful at the end of it. I don’t think I can ever thank our families (and our coordinator, Aaron!) enough for all their help and for genuinely making it one of the best days of our lives. SIGHHHHH, can we relive it again?!

Coming sooooon–a honeymoon recap / Maui travel post. Wooooohooo!

florals: HART // photography: Jillian Zamora // venue: Spokenmoto // catering: Mothers Juice Cafe // Ice Cream: Addy Macs


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