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newlywed dreams–living in our tiny studio

allison: The last two months have been the best kind of slow. Waking up slowly, making breakfast, jumping on emails or house-hunting or edits. Taking an afternoon break at the rock gym or working late so we can go skiing the next day. Making a home together. Building a life together. We didn’t make a lot of…

a year ago : our proposal

johnny: One year ago today I proposed to Allison. Now we’ve had our wedding and are real life married people, but there was something so special about that day and the season of being engaged. Real talk, it is scary to let yourself want something like marrying a person. To face all the uncertainty and fear…


AND WE’RE DOING IT–this little personal venture of ours. During this past year, we navigated being engaged and planning a wedding and working full-time together, and it was…busy. Very very busy. There were times I wanted to share our process or just geek out over the fact that we were sooo excited to be heading…


We are Johnny & Allison--photographers and newlyweds living in Bend, Oregon. Welcome to our little personal project, a travel journal of sorts. If you're new, start HERE. And also, hi hello hello.